Our Consultants


DTC consultants deliver thought leadership in their respective fields. DTC strives to match and deliver the right consultant for the right task. We will quickly understand your requirements, and our consultant will propose an appropriate high-quality solution for the right price.

Our collaborative approach at DTC facilitates effective technology and IT security program deliveries that not only enhance and protect your infrastructure, but also your business operations. Our 60+ consultants have access to the very latest in technology advances and bring deep and broad industry expertise to your program, with an average of 10+ years experience each across a multitude of verticals from commercial through military and government.

DTC have subject matter expertise across the entire spectrum of information technology and we keep pace with trends and new technologies. Some more recent DTC collaboration activities include: Datacenter build and operational setup project, application migration programme, major systems transformation programme, IT PMO setup, various global IT projects and programmes, audit and compliance projects, data protection advisory, risk management consultation, BYoD project, cloud/SaaS/IaaS advisory, big data, RSA SecurID rollout to 1000 staff, multiple other cyber projects and interim CTO placement.


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